Central America Pics

December 10 2004 to January 8 2005


Another rooftop view in Copan Ruinas


Rooftop view in Copan Ruinas


In the town of Copan Ruinas, named after the Mayan ruins, Northern Honduras


Matt holding a 1 Limpire bill which has this exact picture on the back of the bill!


ruins of Copan, northern Honduras


One of the Estela's in Copan, Northern Honduras


Ruins of Copan, Northern Honduras


On a hiking trip to Pacaya, Guatemala. Pacaya is a very active volcano. This was a gorgeous view on the way up.


We can see the top...and it's really smoking!


Getting closer!


Almost there!


Us at Pacaya, near Antigua, Guatemala.


This is Pacaya! It was spewing huge chunks of lava to the opposite ridge than we were standing....only in C. America!


Local foods, Guatemala


Mmmm.. pinapples. Yummy pina coladas!


Local grains


Local market, near Antigua 2


Local market, near Antigua, Guatemala


Matt in Tikal, Guatemala


Us in Tikal, Guatemala


Us enjoying our coffee plantation tour


Matt hugging a coffee plant


Sip & cycle tour 2


Sip & cycle tour, Antigua, Guatemala


R. Dalton finca de cafe


coffee beans out to dry in the sun


R. Dalton Coffee


Finca de cafe, Antigua 2


Finca de cafe, Antigua, Guatemala 1




Antigua at night 2


Antigua at night 1


The streets of Antigua 2


Chicken buses!


5th Ave., Antigua, Guatemala


Antigua, Guatemala is surrounded by volcanos


The streets of Antigua, Guatemala


Where we went to Spanish school, Antigua, Guatemala


Crazy tree covered in mosses, Tikal, Guatemala


Tikal Ruins, 6


La Ceiba tree


Tikal Ruins, Guatemala 5


Tikal Ruins, Guatemala 4


Tikal Ruins, Guatemala 3


Tikal Ruins, Guatemala 2


Tikal Ruins, Guatemala 1

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